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MESSAGE FROM CHRIS (15/03/2015):


Beuller ? Beuller ? Anyone ? 


The general gist of the vast majority of tweets I have received in the last eleven days have been either, "please take over Top Gear, you'd be great," or, the polar opposite, usually peppered with as many swear words as can be fitted into one hundred and forty characters, mostly referring to both male and female genitalia and my hair colour (it's dyed by the way, so indirectly the trolls have been helping me improve my levels of self esteem, for which my family and I thank them).


The fact is, no one can replace the tall, loud bloke with the (weirdest) beer belly (on planet earth). He is a unique talent like no other whose wit, interest and personality was genetically engineered to work in and around the world of motor cars. "Oi Ginge, neither I nor anyone I know, will ever watch Top Gear again if you replace Clarkson !" screamed one of the more printable anti posts. Well don't worry pal, it's never going to happen. For a start, if JC does part company with "the most popular television show in the world," surely, Hammond will move into the central role, James will do a bit more than he does at the moment and either that'll be that, or they'll stick a bright new young thing on the end to liven and pretty things up a bit whilst bringing down the mean age of the presenters to 96.. They could also go the Have I Got News For You route and opt for the guest host method which has proven so successful since Angus Deayton's departure back in 1956. The true fact is that Top Gear is not Parkinson, or The Graham Norton Show, or I Love Lucy, if it doesn't have the star's name in the title it can go on without them. It's about cars and that is primarily why people watch. The skits and humour are brilliant but its the cars, stunts and locations that most viewers tune if for every week, especially the kids, who love the jokes and want them to continue but really don't care who's making them.


There's been so much nonsense spouted by so called experts who frankly don't have the first clue as to what might happen in the next few weeks, many of them declaring, Top Gear cannot survive without JC. This is so far off the mark it's ridiculous, even if he doesn't return, which I sincerely hopes he does, and the viewing figures halved as a consequence, which they wouldn't, Top Gear would still be BBC2's most popular show by a country mile. As for the "rest of the world" and those much talked about multi million pound overseas sales, I can't see how those would be effected in the slightest, Clarkson's signature Britishness is lost on them anyway. And besides many country's Top Gears are re makes of ours under licence with their own Hamster, Captain Slow and Clarkson at the helm. 


Whatever went on in "that hotel", I'm certain no one imagined for a second the resultant fallout it would cause.. Talk about taking a flame thrower to light a candle. As to what happens next, well that's anyone's guess. It's all a bit (actually a very lot) of a mess and quite mad. The tall, fat one (his words not mine) called himself a dinosaur yesterday but who doesn't love dinosaurs ? The only thing about them is we all wish they were still around for us to be confounded, bemused and beguiled by. As a lifelong fan of Top Gear, I hope The Clarksonaurus doesn't become extinct for a good few years yet to come. But one thing's for sure, we've all had a pretty full on dress rehearsal for when he finally does.


Happy Mothers Day.




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